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21 August 2014

Plant Distribution

Due to the welcomed rain we may put the distribution back a few days. Growers have said-that they have just started to work their ground and some still havn't been able to work the ground as it is too wet.

We will keep every body informed when the distribution will commence.

Remember order forms need to be back to Canegrowers office tomorrow the 22nd of August or fill in the order form on the web site.

Attached are plot maps for Wallaville, Childers and Alloway. Grower need to remember that these are work places and they need to abide by OH&S while on these plots.

Work boots must be worn at all times, high visibility vests or shirts are to be worn on site and if collecting whole stalk cane growers must stay in vehicles if not wearing a hard helmets.



Pape's Wallaville     P Finlay's Plot Wallaville   G Finlay's Plot Wallaville

G Webb's Ploy Childers    T Chapman Alloway

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