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13 October 2014

2014 Spring Plant Inspections

IPL staff conducted 394 plant source inspections this spring for 107 growers. RSD was detected in 6 of these inspections. Q240 & KQ228 were the 2 varieties that RSD was found in. Smut was found in 20 inspection with Q208 making up half these findings.

Volunteers were found in 27 inspections. Growers need to make sure that all plant material is destroyed from the previous crop before planting a new crop into that ground.

Inspections (7) were also carried out in spring replant. Clean plant stock should not be planted into plough out blocks. We seen what happened back in the early 2000's with the explosion of RSD and we sure don't want to see that again. It is hard enough to grow a crop of healthy cane let alone a crop of diseased cane.

 The table below is a break down of the inspections: 

Variety Q240 Q208 KQ228 Q238 Q242 Q183  Q245 Q232 Q151 Q135
Inspections 98 70 55 52 48 33 19 6 2 1
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