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30 July 2014

Frosted Cane Update

Harvesting the frosted cane has been progressing very well. Quite a lot of the worst frosted blocks have been harvested. There are some blocks that have started to deteriorate with the warm weather and need to harvested with in the next week.

If the cane starts to deteriorate the milling process becomes very difficult so this cane will have priority. Hopefully by the end of next week things should start to return to normal.

The harvesting of all this frosted cane has been are large task. Isis Central Mill staff, growers and contractors need to be congratulated for their response and corporation. It's times like these that every body needs to work together.

There will still be some blocks of frosted cane around and IPL staff will continue to monitor these blocks and keep the mill ,growers and contractors informed of the damage. If growers have any concerns in regard to frosted cane please contact IPL staff.


 Frost Bengtsons 1 Fuse StitchIMG 2984

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