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13 January 2014

Heat and Wind

A happy new year to all of our growers and with some small mercy hopefully some rainfall all be it isolated has fallen on your farms in recent weeks. Some crop inspections in cane varieties such as Q240 and Q183 have revealed some moderate to severe leaf scorching of the top 6-8" of the newest crop leaves. This has been due to the extreme heat and dry hot winds that have been experienced over the last two-three weeks across the district and appears to be more prominent on those varieties that have broader, droopy leaves. In most if not all situations this will not have an impact on overall crop productivity.

Some other issues that have been noted has been with soybean emergence in particular where hot / dry conditions prevailed post planting and at emergence. In a few cases in particular in some of the lighter soils their has been some seedling death from what on description of symptoms appears to be either seedling Charcoal Rot or perhaps Rhizoctonia. This looks also to be closely related to crusting soil types that have been exposed to high soil surface temps when dry hot windy conditions are present. Smaller seed size may also influence seedling vigour under these conditions.

Soil -crusting


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