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21 November 2016

Pachymetra Soil Test Results

58 Pachymetra samples have been sent away for testing with 44 returning positive to Pachymetra.

The graph below shows the spore count per kilogram of soil: 


 The only resistant varieties in the system are Q183, Q238, Q242 and Q245.

Growers need to be aware of the levels of Pachymetra in their fallow blocks especial if they are considering planting a susceptible variety. 

It is well worth the cost of $50 a sample.

If growers want to have some blocks tested please contact IPL staff.

Preferably blocks should not be worked so that samples can be taken as close to the stool as possible.

If it has been worked it is not a true reading as the soil is spread across a wider area.

Once you have Pachymetra it takes at least 5 years of bare fallow to reduce the numbers so plough out replanting is not going to gain growers any benefits in the long term.

Soil health is one of the most important parts of good production.

With good soil health and good agronomy advice the mills tonnes per hectare will increase with vertical expansion.

Attached is Information Sheet 


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