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15 June 2016

Ratoon Stunting Disease Costs You Money

IPL staff have been surveying blocks across the district for Ratoon Stunting Disease (RSD) and 7 blocks have came back positive.

I know that growers need plants and ratoon blocks are inspected for planting material but you can only check a small percent of the block for RSD.

Isis Productivity Limited (IPL) is very concerned about the impacts of productivity and financial loss if RSD is not addressed through  farm management program.

A few points growers need to do:

  • Purchase clean material
  • Clean fallow ground
  • Try to use plant cane in stead of ratoon cane cut by a commerical harvester
  • Have plants inspected
  • Planning 2 years ahead for what they are going to plant
  • Clean & Sterlise all equipment before planting and harvesting

We sure don't want to go back to the days where we had 50% of the area with RSD.

Ratoon Stunting Disease costs you money

What IPL does to ensure growers can access RSD free planting material:

 New varieties and the major varieties are Hot Water Treated every year to ensure that there is clean planting material in our three plots for growers to collect.

The plot holders do a terrific job ensuring that they have good quality clean plants available for growers. 

More information click on the link below;


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