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12 December 2014

Soldier Fly

Soldier Fly have been showing up across the district again this spring. They are not just in small patches but whole blocks are effected. One  block of Q242 1st ratoon is showing signs of Soldier Fly damage all ready.

SRA have decided to commission a review of the research undertaken to date and have Engaged Dr John Matthiessen to carry out the review.

Dr Matthiessen is a recently retired CSIRO Entomologist who has spent a life time conducting research into soil insects with the objective of developing management solutions and as such is well credentialed to carry out this review.

The terms of reference for the review are as follows: 

  • Summarise  economic impact of the problem
  • Review past R&D on control of soldier fly in sugarcane
  • Assess management options for control of soldier fly in sugarcane and their use in commercial crops
  • Review new technologies that have potential in management of soldier fly in sugarcane
  • Recommend priorities for future R&D directed at soldier fly control

 As always it is the SRA Boards decision as to how SRA invests levies.

          Severe Soldier Fly Damage

                        Soldier Fly Damage 201307

Growers who have any poor ratooning please contact Andrew or Bruce so that that can confirm the incidents of Soldier Fly. For SRA to invest levies in to Soldier Fly research we need to provide them with hectares damaged. Last year 140ha of Soldier Fly incidents was reported to IPL.

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