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01 March 2016

Soybean Scouting

Its that time of the season to begin scouting early flowering and or podding soybean crops as regularly as possible. Keep an eye out for the typical villains such as Heliothis - GVB -and Red Banded Shield Bugs but dont forget some of the more obscure but potentially problematic pests such as Etiella etc. The very damp conditions of late could well predicpose us to a big flush of  insect pests who may well think conditions are much better to begin to multiply after the hot dry conditions leading up to now. If at all unsure about what you are looking for or at please make sure to give IPL staff a call and we can help identify  the pest, the control threshold and the best IPM management strategy for your situation.                                                       

 Etiella         Heliothis sheltering in new leaf terminal Isis Soys Jan 2016                    









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