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16 November 2016

Spring Plant Inspections 2016


IPL staff  conducted 370 plant inspections for 112 growers this spring. The major varieties that were inspected are:

  • Q240      99 inspections (some internal deterioration)
  • Q208      62 inspections (2 inspections with smut)
  • KQ228    54 inspections
  • Q238      53 inspections (1 inspection with smut)
  • Q245      26 inspections (Brown Strip)
  • Q183      22 inspections

IPL staff would like growers to send a copy of their spring plant blocks to the office so staff can start RSD sampling these blocks early in the new year.

IPL would encourage growers to have all their plant source inspected before planting not just for disease but for crop quality.

As you can see that Q240 showed some internal deterioration and a couple of cases we recommended not to plant that source.











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