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13 December 2013

Sugar Partnership Field Day Success

The recent Isis sugar partnership field day held at Isis Cane Services 'Emdex' farm proved very popular and may have even helped spark some welcome rainfall across the district the next day.

A good crowd of approximately 65 people were in attendence to discuss,inspect and judge for themselves the potential for improved fertiliser handling and time efficiencies possible through liquid fertiliser applications. Lindsey Rural had plumbed up the 'Emdex' billet planter to apply liquid fertiliser directly to the cane sett in the drill. The process was explained and shown to growers along with a discussion on the health and safety risk reductions that can occur when using correctly installed liquid application sytems as opposed to bulk granular loading sytems.


Growers were reminded that whatever the source of nutrient being supplied to the cane crop that the Six Easy Steps Nutrient Management Guidelines need to be adhered to to realise full production potential.

K-Line machinery had on site their 4mtr and 3mtr speedtiller machines and both of these implements created keen interest and debate about potential application within the various soil types that exist in the district. The 4mtr machine was put into the paddock to look at its performance in a moderate level of weed trash and residue.


A quick trip down onto the farm where the Granular versus Liquid fertiliser trial layout was explained with past and future treatments discussed. (This will be interesting to follow through to harvest)

Growers were handed and taken through a Isis Sugar Partnership initiative involving a printed booklet titled 'Your Farm Your Safety Your Responsibility' again reinforcing the importance of grower and public safety in the Isis production area.


A big thankyou to the IPL sugar partners Isis Central Mill and Isis Canegrowers along with all the Isis Cane Services staff and Lindsey Rural for their efforts in ensuring a great day was had by all.




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