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28 March 2017

Soil Sampling for Nutrition and Pachymetra

Now is the time to start thinking about soil sampling blocks that are to be planted in Spring 2017.

If lime or gypsum have to be applied it is recommended to apply it at least 6 weeks before planting. The early the better so it is available when the plant set is place in the ground.

While having a nutrition sample taken think seriously about having a Pachymetra and Nematode sample taken at the same time,

Some Pachymetra samples that have come back show levels of spores as high as 99,000, 74,000 and 15,000 per Kg of soil. At these levels yield loss by 2nd ratoon if planted with a susceptible/intermediate variety would be apparent.

IPL staff recommend to growers that if you are planting  blocks that has had susceptible/intermediate varieties in them to consider having a soil test taken fior Pachymetra. The cost is $50 per Pachymetra sample.

IPL staff will collect the soil sample for growers.

Knowing the levels of spores in the soil will determine what varieties are available to plant in these blocks.

Although the SRA have a scale for the level of  spores IPL staff believe that if you have spores in the soil and that soil is planted with a susceptible/intermediate variety the level of spores will build up over the crop cycle.

The main thing is not to let the spores build up.




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