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Technical Help

Callibration & Calculators Print

Fertilizer Rate per HA

Choose the rate that you wish to apply the fertilizer at:

Choose the row width that you have:


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Adjusting Fertiliser Box Output Calculator

Adjusting Fertiliser Box Output

To adjust cogs for a new application rate, use either of the following calculators

Each calculator will give the number of teeth required on the cog to achieve the new application rate without changing anything else

Choose which cog you are going to change

Enter the following information

Calculate Reset

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Sprayer Calibration Calculator


Fill in the information that you have and the missing information will be calculated

Enter the information that you have in each box and then click the button to calculate the missing information.

Calculate Reset

Notes to complete the above

Kilometres per Hour can be calculated as follows Distance in Metres x 3.6 divided by time in seconds to travel distance.


If the above is confusing, here are the actual formula used to calculate each item.

Kilometres per Hour (kph) = litres per minute per nozzle x 600 / litres per sprayed hectare / width (in metres)

Litres per minute per nozzle (l/min/nozz) = Litres per sprayed hectare(l/s-ha) x width (in metres) x kph / 600

Litres per sprayed hectare (l/sp/ha) = litres per minute per nozzle (l/min/nozz) x 600  /  kph  /  width (in metres)


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GRDC Nozzle Selection Guide 2017


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Electricity Tariff Calculator

This calculator allows you to compare currently available Ergon irrigation tariffs. 

Information output is based on tariff pricing available at the time of building and will be subject to change.

Download for Desktops

Download will be saved in your downloads folder, you will require Microsoft Excel to use this file.

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