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Diseases can destroy your farm and the entire industry, if not kept in check and continually monitored and by adhering to strict industry quarantine & bio-security guidelines.  There have been instances in the past when this has happened -  Smut in 2006, Orange Rust in 2000, Fiji Leaf Gall in the 70's.

Diseases can be easily kept in check by ensuring the guidelines listed below are adhered to;

  • Only plant into fallowed blocks (volunteer free). 
  • Only plant cane that has been inspected & deemed disease free.
  • Always collect clean seed plants from IPL plots.
  • Ensure all machinery has been sterilised and clean of any foreign matter before entering the next block for harvesting, planting or otherwise.

The links below are diseases commonly found in our area and need to continue to monitor for.

To reduce the risk of disease contact us about clean cane, and plant inspections then make sure you have removed all volunteer cane from the block and followed the sterilisation procedures for all equipment at all times.

Click for information on other diseases - SRA Field Guide - Diseases of Australian Sugarcane

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