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The Isis cane growing area consists of a diverse range of soil types all with varying physical and chemical attributes. This variation within soil types can occur on a single farm or even at a block level, they determine the overall management and irrigation strategies that need to be employed to reach maximum cane productivity based on soil class.

The 'Soil Specific Nutrient Management Guidelines for Sugarcane Production in the Isis District' is a first class hard copy resource available to all Isis Productivity Ltd members. This booklet is available to Isis growers in a hard copy format.

The information contained in this book includes an introduction to:

Isis soil types and their properties

Principles for determining nutrient management guidelines

Description of Isis sugarcane soils and guidelines for their management

Nutrient requirements for specific blocks of sugarcane

and much more information specific to the region.

For more information on soils their physical and chemical characteristics and properties click here




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