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Selection of the right variety of cane is important in maximising your productivity and profitability.

The most important factors to consider in choosing the variety to plant are

  • Farm Aspects - soil type, frost, water-logging, flood, drought issues.  
  • Rotational Constraints - harvesting, ccs maturity.  
  • Disease and Pest Tolerance - RSD, Smut, Pachymetra, Nematodes, Fiji, Cane grubs
  • Do not plant the same variety into the block as previous

IPL recommends the following current varieties for the area  Q183,  Q208,  KQ228,  Q232,  Q238,  Q240, Q245, Q252.

New varieties are continuously being screened for ISIS region.  

For information regarding the best variety to plant for your soil and conditions, contact IPL Staff. 

2017/18 Varietly Guide

For information concerning other sugarcane varieties refer to QCANEselect.


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