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Effective control of weeds is critical for maximising soil moisture storage and crop yields, reducing the weed seed bank and reducing the impacts of disease and some pests in sugarcane. Crop weeds can most effectively be managed by integrating chemical and non-chemical control methods, and paying attention to key weed management principles.

Weed control should be planned well before planting by considering:

  • Which weeds are likely to be a problem?
  • Which crop will be planted the following season?
  • Which herbicides will be needed?
  • Should pre-emergent or post-emergent herbicides be used?
  • What range of herbicides are available and registered for use in a particular crop? APVA Link.
  • Do herbicide groups need to be rotated to avoid herbicide resistance? Read more...
  • Correct identification of weeds is important when determining the best control strategies. Weed Identification Tool

Some Key Grass Weeds of the Isis Production Area: Guinea grass / Couch Grass / Green Summer grass / Nutgrass / Crowsfoot grass / Barnyard grass / Green Panic grass / Summer grass

Some Key Broadleaf Weeds of the Isis Production Area: Bluetop / Prickly Cucumber / Convolvus / Painted Spurge /Milkweed / Star of Bethleham / Blue Heliotrope / Common Sida / Stinking Rodger / Siratro / Senna

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